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Key Benefits of Cloud Desktops

Simplicity. Affordability. Scalability.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosted Desktops


  • No upfront costs: Unlike a traditional VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) installation, Cloud Desktops allows your company to enjoy the benefits of centralized virtual desktops without having to own or maintain the required physical assets. You pay monthly and you pay as you go, eliminating upfront desktop-related capital expenditure.

  • Flexibility: Your office computer becomes nothing more than a monitor, keyboard, and small box that connects to an off-site desktop host. Your sales staff connects to the same hub when they’re on the road. Your team can log in and work from their home computers. Any computer that’s connected to the internet can be used by your team to securely log into their own desktop.

  • Scalability: The number of computers you can add to the system is virtually unlimited. You can quickly and easily go from 50 desktops to 50,000 or more. And, best of all, you won’t need to plan for capital expenditure on infrastructure to do it. If you open a new branch, setting up your desktops can take hours instead of weeks.

  • Security and Compliance: All the communications are strongly encrypted. Your virtual desktops are running on dedicated servers for your company’s exclusive use.  They become an extension of your enterprise’s existing network. There is no communication between your network and ours, they are totally segregated. This centralization and improved protection also helps companies increase their compliance postures.

  • Energy Efficiency: By outsourcing your desktops to Cirrus Dynamics, and eventually replacing your outdated thick clients with thin clients, you realize tremendous power savings. Thin clients generally consume anywhere from 6 - 50 watts - far less than the 150 - 350 watts used by typical PCs. And to help you in lowering your CO2 emissions Cirrus Dynamics’ datacenters are using only renewable energy.

  • On-the-road possibilities: Telecommuting increases productivity by providing employees the ability to connect from any location with internet access. Our solution provides you with a secure remote access user portal. This portal is accessible from anywhere, allowing your teams to work in a secure isolated session from home, on the road, or directly from a client’s premises.

  • Lower maintenance costs: Cloud Desktops eliminates the need to purchase and physically maintain a traditional desktop computer for every person in your company. By centralizing desktop management and allowing you to install low-cost client devices with no moving parts and longer lifecycles the result is decreased help desk labour usually needed for IMAC (Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes).

  • Multi-Geography: Our solution is designed and tested for deployment across multiple data centers and even across multiple continents. This allows the service to be deployed where you need it, and move with your end-users. This type of multi-site functionality is executed inside the platform, which is not the case with enterprise VDI solutions.