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Financial Services

Financial Services

Quickly realize the full benefits of centralized virtual desktops without having to build and support your own VDI solution.

Financial services, insurance and retail banking institutions commonly have distributed user populations and mobile workers. They also face security and compliance challenges.

Our Solution

Move your desktops to the cloud and free yourself from the cost and complexity of building and maintaining on-premise VDI.  We are a private cloud service with a variety of encrypted connectivity options to preserve your security.  We provide the tools for you to control remote access using your own border security infrastructure.


  • Multi display and High Resolution support: With the ability to span a Windows desktop across 4 displays and deliver resolutions up to 2880x1800, we can supply enough desktop real estate to meet the most demanding requirements.

  • Improve data  security:  When accessing your desktops from the cloud, your data remains safe and secure within the confines of the data center. You can restrict access to USB ports on the endpoint device as well as to any local drives and the Windows clipboard so that your data stays inside your firewall where it belongs. 

  • Ensure optimal user performance: Eliminate network latency problems by using service provider data centers that are near your offices.  DaaS® provides a genuine Windows client environment with broad application support, the user experience is not compromised.

  • Balance compliance and user experience: IT departments that are under pressure to ensure compliance and security often opt to lock-down desktops, but end users demand a rich experience. We provide the ability to balance security and control requirements with the end user’s performance needs.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership: Because virtual desktops are consumed on a subscription basis, desktops are now an operating expense rather than a capital expenditure that is subject to depreciation. In addition, you can repurpose inadequate PCs for endpoints and double their lifetime, lowering PC refresh costs. And with DaaS® predicted to save 10% over internally deployed VDI and 25%-35% over traditional desktop practices, you can lower your desktop TCO.

  • Reduce power and space requirements: In addition to reducing endpoint power requirements by converting PCs to thin clients, you eliminate the need to build out large, expensive and energy-consuming data centers by outsourcing the infrastructure that powers virtual desktops to your service provider.