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Health Care

Health Care 

Facilitating Caregiver Mobility While Safeguarding Patient Data 

Provider organizations are dynamic environments in which staff and clinicians need to quickly access hospital information systems (HIS) and patient records from a variety of locations. 

This data is sensitive and private, so the system and access to the information that resides there must be secure. Although hospital employees have historically used desktops to access HIS and patient-record applications, such an approach presents a number of challenges for the specialized healthcare environment. These include 

  • Providing secure, speedy access to patient data 
  • Ensuring session mobility between inpatient and ambulatory care delivery locations, onsite and offsite doctors’ offices, and administration areas 
  • Changing the type of data and the security aspects based not only on the user’s access role but also their location in the health system 
  • Facilitating secure availability of patient data on mobile devices 
  • Providing access to legacy applications from diverse platforms 
  • Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements 


Our Solution



    Quickly realize the full potential of centralized virtual desktops, and even greater flexibility and performance, without having to build and support a VDI infrastructure. With subscription-based Desktops as a Service® (DaaS®) , you outsource the building, deploying and managing tasks to service providers who already have the data center equipment, networking and other physical and environmental assets needed to handle VDI deployment.


  • On-premise deployment option: 


  • Mobile Device Support: 


  • On-demand scaling:  Start with as few as 25 desktops and scale to 50,000 or more.  Our platform has been tested successfully with as many as 500,000 desktops for a single tenant.  No one scales like we scale.

  • Improve data  security:  When accessing your desktops from the cloud, your data remains safe and secure within the confines of the data center.  You can restrict access to USB ports on the endpoint device as well as to any local drives and the Windows clipboard so that your data stays inside your firewall where it belongs. 

  • Optimize performance:  Eliminate network latency problems by using service provider data centers that are close to your call centers. And, because our solution provides a genuine Windows client environment on endpoint devices, you benefit from much better application support than is possible with traditional server-based computing environments, improving end-user productivity.

  • Improve disaster recovery:  In the event of a localized outage, your end users can still get access to desktops and remain productive.