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Desktone vs Citrix

Desktone vs Citrix

Cirrus Dynamics is an authorized Desktone “Service Provider Partner”

Desktone is the only virtual desktop technology provider built from day one for delivering desktops and applications as a cloud service. Other virtual desktop solutions were built for on-site enterprise deployments and cannot be simply retrofitted for cloud delivery.

Desktone is the pioneer of Desktops and Apps as a cloud service.   Top differences include:


Multi-tenancy is a must for cloud delivery. No other desktop virtualization vendor has multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy enables secure role separation between a service provider, IT and end users. Desktone’s technology provides every tenant (customer) with their own Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), and is designed to make it easy for your customers to integrate your hosted desktop solution into their own corporate environment. In contrast to traditional virtual desktop vendors, who require you to stand up separate infrastructure silos for every customer, the Desktone platform allows you to take advantage of multi-tenancy while still providing secure integration with enterprise assets.

Grid-based Architecture for Elastic Scalability

Desktone’s unique grid-based architecture enables virtually unlimited scalability across multiple geographies and data centers. With Desktone everything is deployed in a High Availability pair; as you scale within a data center you simply add more nodes to the grid. There is no single point of failure. Everything self-replicates with a theoretically unlimited number of desktops. This approach directly contrasts with traditional virtual desktop vendors where all points lead to a central database which, in addition to being a potential central point of failure, is restricted in scalability since the database can only handle a fixed, limited number of connections.

Lowest Cost of Delivery

Cost is a major issue with existing virtual desktop technologies. Desktone built a solution that is inherently cost-effective. Desktone’s platform uses Open Source technology so you don’t have to pay licensing fees for Microsoft solutions such as SQL Server or Windows Server, and you do not have to spend time and money managing third-party software. In addition to hard cost savings, ongoing operational costs are much lower due multi-tenancy. Mange multiple customers, locations and technologies from one unified service provider console.